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2014/15 NY Rangers

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The Pens are having so much trouble getting out of their zone because they're missing their puck moving defensemen Letang, Maatta, Erhoff, and Pouliot. Fleury is the only one putting in a full 60 each

Man I wish the pens were healthy. Good luck Rangers. You're going to need it.

Another Knicks blowout and the a$$hole Patriots win. I need some good mojo from the Rangers tonight. They are all I have right now. Congrats to Nash on the All-Star selection. The g

The Rangers have a good young core sans Hank and Nash. Rangers can improve internally just from natural maturation.

Rangers can be playing for a Cup next year.

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Seriously...I'm really depressed right now. 


My Jets/Knicks are at least a few years away from even being relevant. 

This Rangers team is getting old. 

This was it. 


Please, please God; someone win a championship before I die. 


/end distressed haiku. 


What the hell are you talking about? The Jets are NOT a few years away from being relevant. Watch the game of football some time and maybe you'll learn something substantial.

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I applaud your optimism--I really do. I'd be as happy as anyone to see the Jets compete to be the big kids on the AFC East block sooner rather than later. 

That said, I've seen too many of these "magical" off-seasons where every issue from the year before is corrected, only to have the team develop new and exciting ways to underachieve--especially following a 2014 that contained enough suck to make a porn star blush. Call it pessimism but I see the Rangers advancing further than the Jets in the teams' respective playoffs for at least the next couple of seasons. 

Also, Geno. 




But like I said, I hope I'm wrong. 

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