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Regardless of compensation, KC < Jets


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Please post here so that I can laugh, if you believe that KC (WITH EDWARDS) will win a SUPER BOWL before the Jets (POST-EDWARDS...as long as Edwards is coach of the Chiefs)...


Post your bravada here (minus the donkey dust) if you think the Chiefs will win a SB under Edwards, while the Jets manage to get by without Edwards.

Obviously, the roster of the Chiefs>>> Jets at this point, making Edwards chance better at this point. Beyond a year (or two), Edwards might as well go back to his claim to fame.

My point, who cares about compensation. In my opinion, Jets should be handing Chiefs draft picks to take the master motivator.

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I think Edwards has a shelf life of 2 seasons. After that the teams stops buying into the cliches.

I don't think they have the talent to win a Sb in the next 2 season W/ or without herm.

True. But he will make a point to ingratiate himself with the local media . So when the sh!t hits the fan when this squad gets old and hurt or both, he'll have his sycophants at the ready to defend him with his laundry list of empty excuses and fall guys to go under the bus.

The real major flaw is Edwards, whether he can admit it or not, was he has always been more about office politics and making money than winning football games. None of these guys is St. Francis of Asissi. But Edwards always seemed more intent on covering his hiney than doing the job he was hired to do. Never seemed to get that the real answer to coaching success is winning football games, not currying favor with those in power, whether it be the media of the NFL office.

Edwards likes the idea and cache of being an NFL head coach. But he never got around to learning the ahrd work what that really involved. Cannot picture him watching film til he drops like Bellichick; that meant not being the man about town with the media and no motivational speaker tour. Or making his team run the same play over and over; that would mean players might not like him. he neved did either. And after getting swept into KC with the boss behind him, there won't be any change. He was more interested in the perks.

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