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Are? You? Ready? Injustice Mafia Sign Up Thread


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How've you been, guys?

I need 21 for a game that may just be the best setup I've ever designed. First come, first serve - but the game will not run with less than 21, & will not be expanded.

Who's in?

1 Nolder
2 Leelou
3 Barm
4 JF80
5 Wombat
6 Verb
7 Crush
8 Pac
9 Hess
10 Lily
11 Smash
12 JiF
13 IntegritApe
14 AVM
15 Jetscode
16 Tin Lizzie
17 Despothera
18 Nyn
19 krak

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sh*t, alright. I'll play.


Hold a spot for Slats, CTM and DPR as well. Jetscode will probably find his way over, and I have no idea where JVOY, Dan and Vic are these days, but that would be special.

Thank goodness.  I just was getting ready to emotionally plea for you to play and threatened to send you a pick of the rash between my thighs if you didn't.  

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Only 8 spots left. Holding one for wes until he declines



Oh it would be magically intoxicating to see the pirate come to play.  I bought a couple bottles of the subjects of conversation in the Whiskey thread.  Might have to bust one out for such and occasion.   Angels Envy is first in the cue.

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