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What happened to jets insider : MERGED


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Can you even call it the Hampur anymore?  Maybe "Semi-Former-Demi-Hampur-Lite-Minus" would be more accurate.  


You, 32 and two or three other guys are the only ones posting in that dull circle jerk/crap fest.  It's like being on life support with carbon monoxide being pumped in instead of oxygen.


We learned a lot about penguins this week.



You are first on my wish list to stay and hangout some. 



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You guys are extremely childish with your obsession of Sean and his site


When Sean sold the site, did he include a contingency that allows you to stay on your knees for him... or was your perpetual fellating thrown in as part of the deal, like an air freshener or all-weather mats?

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He said he had like 20 thousand members I have been there since the beginning and I don't think I have ever seen more the 300-500 regulars..


I can assure you the amount of dead logins far outweighs the amount of actual users. Ham probably banned about 10,000 of them on his own.

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Stokes is hunkered in at GG.  Borgo has been MIA since sooth pulled some b/s about a site sponsor threatening to remove sponsorship if the hotties forum wasn't eliminated.


Guess what?  A few months later sooth starts the hotties forum again.  lol  Wow, talk about a straight shooter.


Look around JN at all the "legendary" former JI posters.  Sooth has a knack for driving away all the best talent.


Stokes went to GG? Why?


Borgo came here after Sean did that, I exposed him as a closet-case and he scurried off forever. 


The bold is quoted for truth. Did you post under this same name over on JI? I'm not sure I remember you, tbh.

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Whatever, this place is better anyways


Indeed, sir.


Tension? Paulie man, this is trolling at it's worst. The only time they ever talk about JI is when something happens, which is when....wait for it... you log in here to see if they're talking about it. Of course JI closing is a subject of conversation. 


I don't come here often, but I DO NOT get the impression they are teary eyed over anything. Some have legitimate beefs with the way they were treated at JI, and if it weren't for the Hampur I would have followed. 




For the most part nobody really cares anymore. JI gets discussed around here once or twice a year tops. And even in those instances it's light hearted or nostalgia.

The only reason it's been an ongoing topic lately is because of the influx of new members, some such as yourself who we know from then, so of course it would be a point of discussion as to why you're all here.

Not sure how that makes any of us douchebags, and I haven't seen any tension as it's been nice having you guys around again (minus SAR), but whatever.


Exactly. I even like having SAR here, personally. You just have to know how to corral him, I always have. Anyway, the group here doesn't really give a sh*t... the only time I here the "feud" or "drama" brought up is when JI ****s up, people come over, and we ask, "oh hey, what are you doing here - it's great to see you?" then they answer. 


Usually some fap-mouthed goon like Paulie will follow over just to act like he's on the right side of the drama, which reeks of insecurity, then we all laugh, and carry on.

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