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Seahawks considering using Richard Sherman at WR?

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I thought Rex was the only coach to try this stuff...

Published: Nov. 22, 2014 at 09:56 a.m.

Updated: Nov. 22, 2014 at 10:10 a.m.

Seahawks considering using Richard Sherman at WR?


Kevin Patra

Around the NFL writer

The Seattle Seahawks' passing game has been struggling -- ranked 30th in the NFL with a measly 191.8 yards per game -- and hasn't breached the 200-yard plateau in any of the past four contests.

The struggles have led to queries about what the Seahawks could do to remedy the problem. One idea bandied about has been utilizing corner Richard Sherman -- who played wideout at Stanford -- on offense.


Preview: Arizona Cardinals vs. Seattle Seahawks

"He's been very clear in that intent for a long time around here," Carroll told KIRO Radio on Friday. "It's always been a conversation that we've had, and if I need him I'm going to him and he knows that."

It was a topic that Sherman joked about earlier in the week, saying, per The Seattle Times, "I'd be pretty good. Shoot you can hardly touch 'em(receivers). So if you could hardly touch me, I'd have a nice day."

With the Seahawks lacking playmakers out wide, especially in the red zone, has there beenserious conversations about going full Deion Sanders with Sherman?

"Sure," Carroll said. "He was a good receiver growing up and he has tremendous catching range and all that as we've witnessed in his defensive play, and he would love to do it. So he's ready. If we get in an emergency situation, he knows I'm coming to him."

One key to Carroll's statement is "emergency situation," which generally means injuries. However, with the passing game on the skids and the season at a crossroads Sunday against the 9-1 division-leading Arizona Cardinals, perhaps Carroll might declare a state of emergency if Doug Baldwin and Co. can't get anything going through the air.

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letting the most over rated player in the league possibly get hurt on offense?

great call

if sherman's the most overrated player in the league what's the big deal if he gets hurt playing WR??

just goofin' i agree on both counts.. sherman's overrated but not worth risking injury on offense..

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The "Seahawks lack play makers out wide".  Yet they just traded us Percy Harvin, for pennies.  Are we still sure we got a good deal?  


Ehh. Seattle, who supposedly traded their team "cancer" away, is still having reported internal issues and yet Percy is having a great time with his teammates, even though he's now on a 2 twin team.  I'd have to imagine Seattle's problems were and are more than just one player.  I don't think Percy is worth that type of coin, but I also don't think Seattle was utilizing him well at all.  Either way, losing a fourth for a potential play-maker like Percy, I think it's still more than a solid deal.

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Who knew that Rex's superior coaching prowess as a defensive mastermind to create defensive scoring by placing your best CB as a WR - hello Antonio Cromartie in 2012. - would be emulated & imitated so quickly by the defending SB champs!!

Maybe there is some offensive material in that ol' ball coach's breadbox after all!!

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