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Sunday Game thread discussion


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Jay Cutler God Dammit I can't even


Between the bye and today's game getting moved, and the way the game times have worked out in this city, I have caught a considerable amount of Bears football this season. He is really something to behold as a football player. By every conceivable measurable the Bears should have one of the best offenses in the league, maybe even the best. And Cutler just jizzes all over that every game.

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^^ This guy helps the rest of us.


It's funny how people lose their minds every year when good teams have a rough stretch. And the one thing about the NFL is that the playoffs are all about momentum. The Pats are playing fantastic football right now but this isn't the time of year that you want to peak. On the other hand, Peyton's been turning the ball over a lot lately, but if you are going to have a lull like that where you need to figure some sh*t out, this is definitely the time of year for that.

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