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Submit Questions For A Jets Beat Reporter


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Kristian Dyer covers the Jets for Metro New York. We are going to do a Q&A with him.  Please submit questions in this thread and we will get them to Kristian.


I would ask for serious questions only, but we know that isn't going to happen. :) 

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Silly Question first:


Q: Why do the Jets suck?


Real Questions:


Q: Why did the team wait till they were almost mathematically eliminated to start Mike Vick when it was obvious after the SD game that Geno was not the answer at QB?


Q2: Given that the season is over from a playoffs perspective, why doesn't the team start Matt Simms in order to evaluate his ability and potential as a starting QB?


There you go.



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Are the Jets finally going to get a proven GM/HC to run the whole franchise? 


There is so much fo be fixed here between coaches, players, and front office, I am afraid that a patchwork of unproven hires will only lead to more disastrous decisions.

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Kind of funny how most of the questions are directly at Woody who has said nothing so far this season. If you are an owner who is going to put your picture out there at practice and on the sidelines, the least you could do is give the fans some answers as to where the Titanic is headed next.

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I'm glad of all the scribes you are interviewing Kristian Dyer. He seems not to have gotten the memo that all Jets beat writers need to be JO's. Covers them with an even hand.

How about

What is the reaction in the locker room to Smith being forced on them by the FO, and possibility costing them a game?

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Just one question...super easy....who said this?



This team hasn't quit on Rex, so says a Jets player who is convinced that this 2-10 team will play “to the bitter end, no matter what the world says.” And they will do so for their head coach, who continues to be their inspiration.

The Jets were mathematically eliminated from the playoffs two weeks ago with a loss to the Bills but the season, in many ways, felt lost weeks before that for many fans. Despite this fact and even as the losses continued to mount, the team continued to play hard. 

A Jets veteran told Metro on Tuesday that with the move back to Smith, management has “packed it in, waived the white flag, whatever you want to call it.” This player reached out to Metro again on Wednesday to clarify that the locker room hasn't quit on the season.

“I wasn't trying to say that we've quit, that any of the players quit. I don't think any of us have quit in this [locker] room,” the player told Metro.  “But it seems like those above us, they've quit on this season. You can't do that. Players need to make a living, get stuff on tape, play for that next year. But it seems like that isn't important, that winning this year isn't a big deal to them anymore. Like they're already looking at 2015 and beyond. Maybe they felt that way earlier this year and stuff but I don't know.”

He underscored that his remarks to Metro on Tuesday “weren't about us [the players] but a sense that the men upstairs have moved past this year. Like they've turned their backs on us.”

There is one unifying factor in the locker room right now that guarantees that the team won't entirely quit.  That factor is 'Rex.'

“Man, let me tell you something, Rex still has our hearts in his hands man," the player told Metro. "He still gets us fired up, he gets it. You can tell that he's doing his best to put us in the best spot to win, but it feels like he's fighting that battle alone.

“You see him here, late night. I heard he's here until the early morning hours. Sometimes you're here at this facility early for whatever and you see him in the hallway like 'The Walking Dead' or something. He's still putting his all into this team. I don't think anyone in here is going to quit on him or the fans.

“We're going to fight and do

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Q-From your subjective vantage point, do you witness separate media "agendas" as it relate the team, coaches and Administrative staff. Please handle each of those areas separately.


Q-From your view, describe the relationships, and seeming ability to work toward a common goal, between Idzik and Ryan at the following junctures:

   -Upon Idzik's on-boarding

   -Last season as Ryan's retaining was announced



Q-Do the Jets seemingly have the infrastructure at an executive level (above GM) to make football related decisions for the betterment of the club?

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If you go from the the last game of last season when Idzik and Ryan were practically going steady, when and how did it go so bad?

Who made the decisions in the draft room the last 2 years?

Based on what has happened the last 2 seasons with Sanchez, et al, how can anyone trust the judgment of anyone at Florham Park?

Given the disaster at QB, why isn't Simms getting a shot?

What the hell is going on with Woody Johnson? Who has his ear? Does he understand how alienated his fan base is? Why is it good football people want nothing to do with him?

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What is the jets player evaluation process for the draft? Do they use personality profiling and intelligence tests in the process?

Does Rex Ryan regret not having Mark Sanchez still on the roster?

How involved is Woody Johnson in day to day operations of the team? Does he provide high level guidance and goals or is he more in the trenches sharing his opinions with Idzik?

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- Is Dan Leberfeld as dreamy in real life as he seems?


- Have you heard any rumblings about Idziks fate?


- Do you get the sense the Jets are ready to hire a proven coach this go around instead of a first timer?


- Is Manish Mehta as dreamy in real life as he seems?

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What are his thoughts on two popular conspiracy theories:


1) Idzik set Rex up to fail




2) The media is blaming Idzik to save Rex's job because he's so darn quotable.

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Does it help Rex's cause that Tom Coughlin is having a similar season?


In other words, if Coughlin keeps his job will it help Rex keep his?


From Yahoo! AP Sports:


Another defeat brought up more questions about job security for the 68-year-old Coughlin, who won't talk about his future.

"This thing is not about me," he said. "I am not interested in discussing my circumstances whatsoever. I am not worried or concerned. I am worried about my team."

Though Coughlin's job appears safe through the final four games, his future is more uncertain.

Even their responses are the same ...

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