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Yahoo! Survival Pool anybody???


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Anybody interested?


I posted this yesterday but took it down because I'm unsure if Sat & Sun playoffs count as 1 pick or 2 separate picks. 


FYI, our JI pool this year had a winner on Week 6 -- everybody else was eliminated. 


Group name: Late Late Pool

Group #: 33081

Password: jetnation

Number of strikes: one strike you're eliminated

Playoffs: yes




Deadline is 5 minutes before FIRST game each week. 


That's TODAY (Thursday) for this week. 

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C'mon you lazy-ass weenies.


It's a seven week pool. That's longer than our pool lasted at JI.


We need only a few more hard-blowing highfalutin fathead experts.


JN is stuffed to the rafters with the world's most confident football analysts.


Where are they?


Deadline 5:25 pm ET today. Just click the blue link above  ...

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