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Should Jets change the uniform?


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Here are some changes I would make.

I would use a lighter green closer to what Namath wore. I would also not allow players wear black anything. Not cleats, tape, undershirts, gloves, guards, ect. Black isnt one of our uniform colors. White cleats and white tape is key. I see all our players wearing black cleats and tape and it just ruins the look.




The biggest problem with the green jersey is the pouch they all have.  It looks terrible.

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sh*t, I thought unis won games?

Discussing the uniform has zero to do with the product on the field. Why do you bring up that players win and not the uniforms? Does that mean that you think there is some folks here that believe uniforms win games? Explain

I didn't start the thread I only commented. 

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Yeah I miss the old school uniforms.  I wouldn't mind seeing them use them once in while they're better than those hideous blue NY Titans uniforms they sometimes use.


I like the old time current Namath unis. And the navy/Titans ones are nice. the 1970s Ken O'Brien ones are awful. 

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