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Jet vs Patriots game thread

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LOL at Richardson taking Brady's towel and dumping on the ground.

He look like he got killed after the play, resting with his hand on his chest.  That little pervert always exaggerating. 

He outplayed Brady today. Any way you slice it, he was simply better than the best QB in the game.

i hate Geno

Geno Smith...How do I hate thee...let me count the ways

- youre an idiot

-pic machine

-cant read an alarm clock 

-poor memory

-zero common sense

-no touch

-lousy accuracy

-no pocket presence

-cant read defenses

-limited command of the English language

-cant dress to save his life

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how is that not a tauting penalty?

and they missed the block on the back on the punt return.

the refs area a joke - the pats get evey advantage from the refs.

Exactly..and if it wasn't taunting..Why throw the flag...that block in the back would have been a difference of forty yards
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Rex is such a moron too... What is Pryor doing covering Gronk?

Pryor couldn't cover a nose tackle - another Idziot gem. BTW, Jalen Saunders #6 pick by Idziot and then CUT by Idziot, just ran back a kick off 99 yards for the Saints.   

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