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Chiefs, Edwards agree to four-year deal

Gang Green Girl

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Blame Lia. :roll:

From profootballtalk.com

As some league insiders believe that Jets G.M. Terry Bradway's job could be in jeopardy after the Jets saw coach Herm Edwards walk away with only a fourth-round draft choice as compensation, Bradway really didn't have many options other than to let a guy who didn't want to be there leave.

We're told that Edwards desperately wanted out. Apparently, his wife never warmed up to New York, and did not wish to stay any longer.

And Herm, we're told, was telling everyone (privately) that he wanted out. Publicly, he said he intended to stay -- likely to finagle a buyout if the team would decide independently to cut him loose after a 4-12 season fueled in large part by the mismanagement of quarterback Chad Pennington's shoulder injury in 2004.

So given that Edwards wanted to leave, the fact that the Jets got anything by way of compensation is a bonus.

Then again, we think that the Chiefs' flirtations with Edwards made it easier for him to decide that he wants out. Thus, we continue to believe that the league should establish a minimum level of compensation that should be sent from the coach's new team to the coach's old team whenever anything like this happens.

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And the trophy wife gets what the trophy wife wants.

Saw a bit of "Jets 24/7" between the kid watching Animal Planet and Spongebob. Unintentional comdey in it's highest form.Apparently it was filmed and in the can prior to the feces striking the cooling device at full force and couldn't be held back. All this BS footage of Edwards explaining what he wanted for next year. I suspect for all parties involved all video of this has been destroyed.

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