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A Gatorade bath after going 4-12? Only the Jets.

Not all jets are ungrateful like you.  Yes, things did not worked out at the end but think of all the coaches in Jets' history, how many had gone to battle for the afcc.  I know our fans are not known

sheldon is a good player but i come from a family of cops so i hated what he said

What role?

Filling water bottles?

He stinks at football.

That's simply untrue and you know it. He'd be a solid nickel or dime corner and he's cheap. They've asked him to be a #1 most of the season and everyone knows he isn't. With so many question marks at corner, he's coming back. Don't be naive.

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Ryan may prevail today because Joe Philbin is a nancy boy.


Also looks like the Jints, despite some very good offensive personnel, are about to retain the geriatric off a 6-10 season. 


We can hope in terms of getting the best possible coach that both franchises make the mistake of keeping the old guy.

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Simms is not an NFL calibre QB what dont people understand when he was on the practice squad funny thing happened no other team claimed him. 

And neither is Geno Fumbler Smith. And Vick is funding his IRA. Why not see what the guy can do? 

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