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A Gatorade bath after going 4-12? Only the Jets.

Not all jets are ungrateful like you.  Yes, things did not worked out at the end but think of all the coaches in Jets' history, how many had gone to battle for the afcc.  I know our fans are not known

sheldon is a good player but i come from a family of cops so i hated what he said

still another length of the field drive at the end of a half against the best DC in the world.

And we have the vaunted Rex Ryan halftime adjustments upcoming. Best anyone can tell, he takes a dump and checks his email. 

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I want this team to be 3-13 at the end of today. That only means Woody Johnson will make major improvements & more likely to hire a coach who is quality and a general manager who is quality.

I read about how the Giants were really bad back in the 70's just like the Jets are now and back then the Giants hired George Young to help get the Giants back to winning. The Jets have to find a George Young type of football person to hopefully fix this mess. Also after they hired Young the Giants went on to win a super bowl shortly after from what I researched and read.

I really hope that happens for the Jets someday they need a winning culture most of all.

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The 16th game of the season he decides he's gonna be fired up & curse for the cameras, lmao!

He's such a phoney.

At least he might actually yell at somebody like Pryor who looks f*cking lost in space.

Something tells me Pryor effed up again on that Clay catch.

Told you guys Clay would be a good FA pickup, nice combo with Amaro.

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