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Panthers / Giants game halftime report


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10-0 Panthers lead it at the half.

Carolina had the ball for about 20, 21 minutes in the 1st half.

Tiki Barber is getting stuffed everytime.

Daylight come & you gotta Delhomme is hitting Steve Smith as much as he wants in the short passing game (6 receptions, 48 yards, T for Smith).

Foster & Goings are owning the Giants defense on 3rd down...running for the 1st down I believe 3 or 4 times on 3rd & 10 or longer!

Right now, the Panthers are DOMINATING the Giants...the only thing they havn't done is when in scoring position they havn't punched it into the endzone enough.

1st Half Stats for Carolina:

Delhomme ~ 9-13, 73 yards, TD

Foster ~ 17 attempts, 68 yards

Goings ~ 5 attempts, 42 yards

Smith ~ 6 receptions, 48 yards, TD

Rooke S Thomas Davis ~ Sack

1st Half Stats for NYG:

Manning ~ 4-8, 36 yards

Barber ~ 8 attempts, 28 yards

Shockey ~ 1 reception, 15 yards

Umeniyora & Strahan both have a sack

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