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Last years win at Miami cost us ODBJ. What will this years win cost us?


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if you think about it, the broncos, steelers, cowboys and seahawks are going about this the wrong way


Funny how you left out the Colts.  LOL.


An enormous reason those teams are having success is they were able to avoid a situation where they needed to take a QB in the top 10.  Peyton a FA, Ben 11th pick, Russell Wilson a 3rd rounder, Romo UDFA.


Yeah, sure hope our new front office knows how to find QB's.

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Beckham just broke the all time record for yards, TDs, & catches for a rookie in his 1st 12 games!

How the hell can anyone with a straight face claim that Cooper will be JUST AS GOOD?

I'm sure there is a Dlineman in this draft that will be JUST AS GOOD as JJ Watt,lol.

I am saying that because it is the Jets' "luck" that Cooper will be.  I have seen plenty of Alabama games the past 2 years and Cooper clearly will be a solid pro WR.

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