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We Lost Out on Mariota, Winston And Cooper SMH


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TB is gonna take a qb, that's a given. Ten seems to like mettenberger. Oak and jax aren't going to take a qb, then there's us, barring trade ups with maybe A qb or cooper available

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tampa takes mariota, oakland or nyg's take cooper, and i think theres a slim chance winston might slip,


we'll see what happens in free agency

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The only threat of taking Cooper before the Jets is the Raiders or a trade up. And if the Jets fall in love with him they can always trade up.

Also, there's MONTHS to go before the draft. There will be tons of risers and fallers in the draft.

OBJ, a superstar who was taken at 13, wasn't even considered a first round pick this time last year.

Let the process play out before going nuts over nothing. Cooper could bomb his pro day and get picked at 20 for all anybody knows.

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