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Carolina-23 Giants-0...FINAL


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So the Panthers just completely humiliated and crushed the Giants. Eli Manning, as I predicted, threw 3 interceptions and basically just played like sh*t. The Panthers did a great job containing Tiki Barber and the combination of Foster / Goings killed the Giants all day which led to Delhomme-to-Smith 10 times for 84 yards and a touchdown.

Carolina's important Game Stats

Delhomme ~ 15-22, 140 yards, TD

Foster ~ 27 carries, 151 yards

Goings ~ 12 carries, 63 yards

Smith ~ 10 receptions, 84 yards, TD / 1 carrie, 12 yards, TD

2 INT's for Marlon McCree

NYG's important Game Stats

Manning ~ 10-18, 113 yards, 3 INT's

Barber ~ 13 carries, 41 yards / 3 receptions, 28 yards

Shockey ~ 3 receptions, 50 yards

11 tackles for Gibril Wilson

2 sacks for Strahan / 1 for Umeniyora

Carolina goes to Chicago next Sunday; Washington to Seattle next Saturday.

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This whole secondary thing. Seems like it's a problem for the Giants. Tell you the truth-the more football you watch, the less point there is to waste valuable cap space on a high end cornerback. The pickins is awfully slim. Giants won the division and damn if they have ANYONE who can cover your grandma. Will Allen was a top pick, he's making serious dinero and he was outphysicaled a few weeks ago by Santana Moss twice in one game. Not sure Moss had done it once in his whole career before that.


Terrell Buckley-please pick up the green courtesy phone!

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The highlight of the entire weekend !!!!!

It would not suprise me in the least if they walk in Chicago and lay the same kind of beating on the Bears.

They are hitting their stride at just the right time.

Watch out.

As far as the Giants are concerned.


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