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Give me Cutler


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All you peaple saying no are hilarious. Who do you think is walking through that door? What in jet history makes you confident we will do better? This team has zero choice but to make a play for cutler if he is available. I wonder how many of you wouldve had a snotty "just no. We need to aim higher than this bum" had this board existed back when we got Vinny. Have you even watched this team over the years? No more recklessly going all in on a rookie. Thats the reason we are joke of the league.

If cutler is available and new GM does not inquire his tenure will be shorter than idzik's.

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I'm torn.


On one hand, Cutler is (IMO) a pretty bad QB, not even in the ballpark of a "Franchise QB". 


On the other hand, our QB position is so bad, so deeply and sadly pathetic, that even a "not a franchise QB journeyman Vet" like Cutler could be a massive improvement.


I still vote no.


If we're going to lose or be mediocre (as Cutler would be), I'd prefer to do it with a kid we draft and build around and develop ourselves.

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Please, he was a brat and wanted to run the team and not his coach in Denver. Who the hell is he to tell the coaching staff or FO who the hell they can bring in? Denver was right about him and his time in Chicago proves it out.


I'm not one for all caps usually, but reading your post actually astounded me. I'm sure Brady wouldn't say anything if you guys tried to trade for Luck.

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