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I'm rooting for Beengals 2day cause


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i want the Colts to ream out the arses of the Pukes

Did anyone else notice how bad and slow that field was last night?

Well baby on the fast track in the Indy dome the Colts will Dominate Artell Hawkins, the Hobbit and Assante Samuel. This game will be a major blow out.

I'm taking about a 4td win, Could be 50-10.

Freeney will have a field day, he finally gets them on a fast track

The run for the pats is over, they are too slow and their gimmicks will fail this time.

The colts are going to be dominant and will be on

an emotional high to win for Tony and James.

Go Colts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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that would be you :)


I actually am rooting for the Bengals. I need them to make it to Indy. My friend bet me $100, no spread, that the Bengals would beat the Colts if they met in the playoffs. So I'm not sure how I want to spend that money yet.

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I want Cincy to win too!

If the Pats are to advance, I want it to be through Indy - you know, silence the critics.

Plus, I laugh at the fast on turf argument. If Freeney and company are faster on turf, I suspect everyone will be. Will the Hobbit be slower on turf? Branch will run like he's in quick sand? Watson won't know how to run on turf? My guess is that the Pats will find a way to stuff the Colt run attack. Colts will win via the air. Pats will try to smack the Colts receivers into yesterday. Pats will try to take advantage of the Indy d-speed by dinking and dunking.....think Kevin Faulk.

Indy should win....but you never know. The thought of Assmop sticking needles in his Belichick voodoo doll while banging his head against a wall - well, that thought makes me smile. :lol:

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garby that field was a joke

everyone was in slow motion

this will not happen in indy rest assured

the hobbit will be lit up like Griswald's Xmas tree!

yes i have a new voodoo doll and i'm putting it to use next week

the game will not be close

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