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Doug Marrone Opts Out - MERGED


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Theory: now that the pro-Rex set can't crow about how amazing Rex is going to do at his next job (because he's unhireable) they'll instead focus their efforts on whining about how bad Marrone or Quinn or whoever they hire is going to be as Jets coach.

Bonus: if Next Coavh has any success, it will be because of the foundation Rex put into place.

This is a theory in the same sense that gravity is a theory.

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...Rex was the ultimate players’ coach. Marrone, who was the Jets’ offensive line coach from 2002-05, is a disciplinarian. That’s the way it goes in the NFL. The next hire is usually opposite from the coach who got fired. Although Marrone’s background is coaching the offensive line and he didn’t call the plays in Buffalo, he did work in New Orleans for Sean Payton, the best play caller in the NFL, from 2006-08. He had the title of offensive coordinator, but Payton called the plays. The Jets desperately need a creative offensive coach and not a head coach who thinks like an offensive line coach.

“What that guy did at Syracuse, what he did at Buffalo, don’t minimize it,” the former GM said. “Syracuse is a lousy job. The guy won and he won with his kids. In Buffalo, he signed Kyle Orton at the beginning of the season and that never works. He made it work. I just look at what he’s done from the sidelines — 80% of head coaches fail at their job because of their inability to hire opposite their expertise. That’s a fact. Marrone comes in and hires Mike Pettine. That was a helluva hire. Then he gets Jim Schwartz, a helluva hire. He gets it. He knows how to build a program.”

What about his personality?

“For whatever reason, he’s not an easy guy to be around. He’s not fun-loving,” he said. “He’s totally the opposite of Rex the way he relates to players. But players respect him. He’s very bright. He’s smart about football. He knows the game. He certainly knows coaches. He and the administrative staff in Buffalo butted heads. He’s not an easy guy to deal with.

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Tomlin's Steelers lost a huge game to the Jets this year. They rebounded, but that could have been hugely costly. These teams you're mentioning were all also better than the Bills.

As for Idzik, I liked his overall strategy, it was his execution that was disastrous. And honestly, if the drafts looked decent, and the FA strategy and the record was exactly the same, I'd be upset he was fired. But, with as poor as the drafts were, the only positive was restraint and cleaning up the mess left behind. For that, I'm grateful, but I'm good with someone new taking the helm going forward who will hopefully land us some better talent than we've gotten these past two years. That said, I still hope we don't go into the offseason looking to outspend the competition at all costs. I hope that if a player makes sense, we bring him in. If another team wants to overvalue him, we walk away despite the fact that we can win a bidding war.

He very well may not get the gig. We still need a GM.

I still am dumbfounded why he didn't draft a QB last draft and giving Geno no competition against Vick. Still say Vick should've started the season. Plus an epic fail in the draft.
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