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Best Johnny Manziel article you'll ever read

David Harris

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anyone with a brain goes into an interview prepared and always tells them what they want to hear so I'm not sure why this idiot is pointing this out.


In the case of Manziel it comes down to whether or not you believe the guy or not, its really that simple.


Manziel has talent the question is will he work at his craft like the greats do ? that remains to be seen. If hes going to play around and act like an Idiot off the field that just shows how little work hes dedicated to putting into his position and the Browns need to react appropriately . If he cuts that sh*t out and gets his head straight he can succeed. Manziel is not by any means stupid, if he's in this for a few years and some big paydays to jump start his life and has no intention of working hard at becoming a good QB then its not shame on him, its shame on who gave him the chance. Right now only the Browns know how much work he's putting in, and no one else, its up to them to evaluate that situation.

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