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MARIOTA vs WINSTON Rose Bowl ESPN 2pm PT today

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Hopefully you guys watched today's game and see why me and a few other posters are so against the jets drafting Winston. He ******* sucks.

the racists got what they wanted    

Mannion is absolutely horrible. His main problem is his brains so I have no idea where you came up with the analysis you did. If they don't like Winston then they might as well start Geno, sign one o

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couple of things I've noticed in the first half:


Mariota throws darts on the run and protects his body when he's on the move. Winston is very accurate throwing over the middle and has better vision while reading the defense. Jameis threw right at a blatant defensive holding that the refs just didn't call. Winston has been under more pressure as well, I expect another FSU run in the second half

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Oregon was stupid running plays as fast as they did on that last drive at that goal line. Too much time. Winston is deadily in the 2 minute drill.

Winston is a much better thrower ie; better pro.

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Holy sh*t! What a handoff. We should definitely draft Winton.

Pretty sure his throwing set that drive up. That ball to the RB on the wheel route, on the run is next level sh*t.

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