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Divisional Playoff Games Weekend Thread


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I just want the Patriots to win big quickly. I don't want to be brought into drama only to see the Pats win.


And I just know that there will be all this "woe is me" crap from Jets fans all over the place because of the Pats and Revis if they win and it just pisses me off.


Hell, when a thread is titled "We are doomed forever.", it really shows the bipolarity of a lot of Jets fans. And the Jets media will prey on this with snide comments from Mehta and Cimini.


I can see it coming from a mile away.

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I will give the Patriots this bit of credit. They went away from their usual MO of just drafting players and not spending for splashy free agents, which was not getting them where they want to be.


What do they do? They splash for Revis and Browner and look where they are now.


Eerily reminiscent of the 2009 Yankees. Went out and got CC, Teix, and AJ Burnett and won the World Series, also against the defending champion Phillies, which is who most people are going to look at at the NFC side (Seattle)

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