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Rex gets 2nd Bills interview


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The Bills beat Rex's Jets badly the last three out of four times they've played, so I wouldn't be too excited if I were a Bills fans...

Good point

Rex will drag the Bills down to his level.

He will be good at bragging, boasting and joking with the media, though if that is what the new owner wants

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"EJ gives us the best chance to win, I believe that he's gonna be great one day, boyitella great, I believe that because thats what I believe and thats why I believe it."

"And he had great practices this week, in fact so did all the guys. They were flying around and all that stuff.We'll be a zillion times better than last week, and all that stuff"
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a " quitter " and a " career loser " went 9-7 with that team so I gotta think you can pencil them in for 12-4, 13-3 with Rex.

I'd say more like 15-1 or 19-0. And President Obama will still be in office in the summer of 16 for WRECKS to visit and show him his Lombardi and all that stuff.
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@AdamSchefter: Just a couple more I's to dot and T's to cross, but Rex Ryan now expected to be the next Buffalo Bills HC. First domino falls!


Pretty weird that the absolutely unhireable, will never even sniff another head coaching job Rex Ryan looks to be the first head coach hired this cycle. A lotta yuks around here when coaches still in the playoffs were (shockingly!) getting interviews while the unemployed Rex watched.

I wonder how John Idzik's prospects are looking?

Besides the Jets job, the Bills job was probably the least attractive. It's going to be same old, same old with Rex and the Bills. No QB, solid D, lots of talk, zero results. Oh. And like 8 feet of snow.

Said it before, it's a bad fit for Rex. Unless he's gonna use the fact that the defense is already pretty damn solid to finally morph into a complete head coach, it's really the exact opposite type team he should be joining.

I do think, like a lot of retreads, that he'll be better in his second stop. He did his learning on the job here. I'm not excited about him being in the division. I'm not guaranteeing any great success for him, but it's ridiculous to suggest that he turns the Bills into pushovers.

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