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Rex Ryan/Bills Press Conference News (merged)

Bruce Harper

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@MikeFrancesaNY: Wreks is undefeated in dese press conferences every yeah. He gave youah dis same shpiel when he stahted heah. He's a clown.

@MikeFrancesaNY: Get ready? Dey won NINE GAMES dis yeah. And beat youah 81-26. Youah won FAW. Dey CRUSHED youah when youah played dem. Dey beat ya brains in

@MikeFrancesaNY: Defense, Defense. Awl Rex knows is defense. Tawk about da whole team? NEVAH. Tawk about da offense? NEVAH. Same trash, new team with Wreks

@MikeFrancesaNY: One thing, Jets fans. Tard Bowls wont win in press conferences. But games ah nawt won in press conferences. Da circus has left da town.

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The better Bowles gets the more this mofo will be telling us that he said it all along.  If he crashes and burns he will dust it under the rug with a " i thought he would be good but he wasn't, wadda ya gonna do, I'm not an NFL GM."

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Bills Reach Agreement With Rex Ryan
Bills Reach Agreement With Rex Ryan

Rex Ryan was as brash as ever in his first news conference as the Bills' new coach, predicting that Buffalo will end its long postseason drought while promising that he will "build a bully" that opposing teams won't want to face.


[+] Enlarge
AP Photo/Bill WippertRex Ryan delivered several strong statements during his introduction as the Bills' new coach, including a promise that he will "build a bully" in Buffalo.

e Bills introduced Ryan on Wednesday, two days after hiring the former New York Jets coach.




After tapping the microphone  and asking "Is this thing on? Because it's getting ready to be on," Ryan exuded confidence and enthusiasm while talking about his plans for the Bills.

"I'm not going to let our fans down," he said. "I'm not going to do that. I know it's been 15 years [since Buffalo reached the playoffs]. Well, get ready. We're going."

Ryan gained renown for his bombastic personality during his six-year tenure with the Jets, and that was on full display Wednesday.

"We are going to build a bully and we're gonna see if you want to play it for 60 minutes," he said.

The defensive-minded Ryan will inherit a Buffalo defense that finished fourth in the NFL in yards allowed, recorded a league-leading 54 sacks last season and produced three Pro Bowl linemen this past season.

But Ryan has even higher expectations.

"Fourth in the league was probably a little disappointing," he said. "I know we'll lead the league in defense."

Ryan, who will be Buffalo's eighth head coach in the last 18 years, also said that the Bills deserve "a loyal coach," in what may have been a subtle jab at Doug Marrone, who opted out of his deal with the team on Dec. 31.

ESPN.com Bills reporter Mike Rodak contributed to this report.

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Francesca loves Bowles. Says he has the makings be a very good coach.

Of course he loves Bowles. He is fruit from the parcells coaching Tree and francessa worships at Tuna's feet.

I like Bowles hire also.

Tuna hired Bowles w/Jets, then Brought bowles To Dallas, then AGAIN brought Bowles to Miami when Tuna went there.

Parcells has basiclaly hired Bowles 3 times, and maybe now 4 as we all know Casserly/Wolf super tight w/Tuna.

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Posted by Josh Alper on January 14, 2015, 12:33 PM EST

Rex Ryan

In his last couple of years as Jets coach, Rex Ryan toned down his press conference performances quite a bit from the entertaining shows that they were in his first few years with the team.

Ryan’s lack of job security may have had a lot to do with that, but that’s not an issue any more. Ryan has plenty of job security in Buffalo and his press conference was a throwback to his first day on the job with the Jets in 2009.

Ryan opened by tapping the microphone and asking if it was on because “it’s getting ready to be on.” Ryan stopped short of guaranteeing the Super Bowl win he never delivered to the Jets, saying only that the team would pursue the Super Bowl with everything they had in the tank. He was willing to make another promise that probably sounded good to long-suffering Bills fans.

“It’s been 15 years since the Bills made the playoffs. Well get ready, we’re going,” Ryan said.

Ryan, who denied a report that he preferred the Falcons and 49ers jobs to the one in Buffalo, kept going from there. He said that the Bills would build a “bully” and see if other teams want to face them for 60 minutes, that the Bills would lead the league in defense and took a shot at former Buffalo coach Doug Marrone by saying that the team deserved a “loyal coach.”

There was some humility, most notably Ryan’s admission that he needs to do a better job developing a quarterback, but it was mostly a vintage Ryan performance. He invited other teams to put his comments up on their bulletin boards because the Bills would be backing all of them up.

It was definitely a win in the press conference for Ryan and the Bills. One thing we’ve learned over the last six years, though, is that a win at the press conference doesn’t mean nearly as much as a win on the field.

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While i don't believe in him in the long run I wouldn't be surprised if he somehow managed to do just that in his first year, anywhere. The odds do go up in this case since he has sh*t to nothing as QB and no #1 pick in the draft. 


Good luck Rex, you stupid bastard. I will never miss your bravado.

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