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Colts/Patriots Game


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actually if Anderson sticks to his M.O. this could help ponies, calls the most illegal use of hands penalties, but then again that was his crew and this is a hodgepodge. Anderson does call most Roughing the passer penalties, so benefit to cindy there


Ninovich called the most BS holding call on Revis after Flacco fumbled at the NE 2 yard line.

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Pagano seems like a decent guy. Expect that the Colts will be in the game until late and might even cover, but don't see them winning-unless God finally answers my prayer and gives Tom Brady a compound fracture of his femur.

Colts success running the ball, Andrew has some accuracy throwing .. Keep Brady off the field.. make a couple of D stops.. they might win.

".Cheating Patriots haven't won Super Bowl since 'Spygate'... Williams was referring to the Patriots being caught videotaping the Jets' defensive signals in 2007. They were fined $500,000 and forfeited a draft pick."

I suppose it is the little things that make a huge impact.. Pagano is a great person and coaches differently. One play or two seems to be the difference.


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Go read your own teams forum douche face. Specially the massive thread they have dedicated to talking sh*t on the Jets. And your right, I guess those death wishes on Buddy, Rex, and his brother when they took a photo together were just figments of my imagination. Along with Wilkerson getting boed by Pats fans when he was injured.


Never happened.


As for Wilkerson, I'll let you know when I care

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