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Shrine Game Recap


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I would assume most of these players are mid to late round draft picks
- Had to be the worst QB play I've ever seen in an all-star game.  Only
one QB was average (Anthony Boone - Duke) everyone else was absolutely
awful.  They had trouble just keeping the ball in the field of play they
were so bad.  What made it worst was everyone knew the defense they were
playing against and there was no blitzing
- Josh Shaw (CB - USC) had an INT and appears to be one of the new "long CB"
that the league is looking for.  With the bad QB play though it's hard
to tell how good he was
- Damian Parms (S - Fla. Atlantic) had two INT's and appeared to have good
range in the middle of the field.  But again was it him or the bad QB play
- John Miller (G - Louisville) was an absolute mauler with good flexibility
to adjust to stunts and speed to get to the second level
- ZaDarius Smith (DE - Kentucky) edge pass rusher that lived in the backfield
all day.  Also strong enough to hold the edge in the run game
- Anthony Chickillo (DE - Miami) edge pass rusher that lived in the backfield
all day.  Very fast first step
- Xavier Williams (DT - No. Iowa) penetrating "3 technique" DT
- Jermauria Rasco (DE - LSU) another edge pass rusher that lived in the backfield
all day
The below players stood out with their movement skills but because of the horrid
QB play they didn't have a chance to make plays:
- Tre McBride (WR - William & Mary)
- Tye Smith (CB - Towson)
- Justin Coleman (CB - Tenn)
- Bobby McCain (CB - Memphis)
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That game was an absolute abomination on the offensive side of the ball.  ZaDarius Smith was by far the most impressive player on the field. Both of Parms INT's were more like fair catches on punts. 


While the QB play was awful, the OL play wasn't much better. 


On the offensive side of the ball. Austin Hill looked like he could be a sleeper. Coming off a torn acl in 2013, Hill wasn't that impressive this year but was a beast in 2012 and looked big and smooth. Not sure what his 40 time will be but he's the kind of player that will surprise some people at the next level. 

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