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Deflate-Gate \ Patriots Cheating Again Thread: MERGED


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Bah. It's only been a few days. They can resell them instantly to Colts fans. There will always be a demand for SB tix no matter who plays.


And don't tell me you never canceled a flight or hotel reservation before. :indifferent0023:

Bah yourself.

Now it's the ticket purchasers' responsibility to become ticket resellers? What if they can't get the same amount back because a Colts superbowl draws lower demand (which is probably true anyway)?

Of course I've canceled flights and hotels before. Most flights are non-refundable, though, because few want to pay the premium for a refundable one. Also, ask anyone who's been to a superbowl about how non-refundable hotels near the stadium are. They get jacked up and you can't cancel with many or most hotels. Particularly smaller ones who, unlike chains, can't afford to refund people for an event like this.

This is not a normal weekend getaway in off-peak season.

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Speaking of Rodney Harrison...Merrrrry Christmas everybody ho ho ho





Rodney Harrison reacts to Shula’s use of “Beli-cheat”
Posted by Mike Florio on January 10, 2015, 8:04 AM EST
belichick.jpg?w=235Getty Images

Recently, legendary NFL coach Don Shula referred to Patriots coach Bill Belichick as “Beli-cheat.” The story created plenty of buzz — and generated a large stack of approved (and deleted) comments from PFT Planet.

On Friday’s edition of PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio, former Patriots safety Rodney Harrison defended Belichick against Shula’s remark, and also gave Belichick high praise.

“I just think it’s flat-out disrespectful,” Harrison said. “I always have respect for Don Shula. I don’t think that Bill Belichick deserves that. People make mistakes and do things, but Bill Belichick has proven that he’s the greatest coach of all time. You can look at the last decade of what he’s done, what he’s been able to accomplish. But it’s one of those things where as a coach, another well-respected coach, you don’t come out and say those things like that about another coach. I think it’s flat-out disrespectful.”

Shula’s comments, rooted in the lingering fumes of Spygate, overstate the value of the infraction (videotaping the opponent’s defensive coaching signals) and overlook the reality that plenty of mild-to-moderate (and worse) cheating occurred throughout the sport before, during, and after Shula’s coaching tenure. The bigger question is whether Harrison accurately pegs Belichick as the greatest coach of all time.

I have a feeling a few of you may be chiming in on that one below.



This is the first I'm seeing this, but how can one man talk about respecting Don Shula (indicating some sort of understanding of the history of football), and in the same breath call anyone except Bill Walsh the greatest coach of all time? 


Admittedly, I don't know much about Vince Lombardi who most purists/historians would probably rate as the greatest ever, but I do know a hell of a lot about Walsh and what he did to and for this league even outside of just what he did for the 49ers. The NFL is still dripping in that man's work 30 years later, and people had to invent entirely new defenses and alignments to stop that. 


Belichick on the other hand, just decides to cheat his way to victories. Not sure what the baseline metric is for defining greatness, but I'm going with Walsh every time. 

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I know not hapopneing,, my best shot at NFL making statement is Belly suspended for 2015 since Peyton nailed and NFL said was because they were previously warned, aka Pats w/Spygate,,,fair is fair.. Its called Peyton vs NFL,,,JGBs , go for it ;)

Yes that is the best-case scenario of the worst thing to happen to Belichick.

No way anything is happening to alter this game. Too much money has already changed hands among too many people.

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One of the key moments of “Deflategate” came when Colts linebacker D’Qwell Jackson intercepted Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in the second quarter of Sunday’s AFC title game in Foxborough. Per multiple reports, the ball was deemed to feel a little light, and from there, the NFL got involved.


However, a published report Wednesday says the Colts’ suspicions about the inflation of New England’s footballs date back at least to the regular season matchup with New England on November 16.

And again, an interception — two of them, actually — was the catalyst.


According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Colts notified the NFL about potential under-inflation after safety Mike Adams picked off Brady twice in New England’s 42-20 victory.

In both cases, ESPN reported, Adams took the ball to the sideline as a memento, then gave it to the team’s equipment staff.


It was then, ESPN said, that the inflation of the footballs came into question.


As with the playoff matchup between the clubs, the Patriots were the far superior team in the November meeting. Moreover, the only three turnovers forced by the Colts in these two games came on the interceptions of footballs that purportedly did not feel right.

Nevertheless, we now have another data point regarding the Colts’ curiosity about the Patriots’ footballs.

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Since the Pats have not said anything yet on this, by being silent means they are guilty of cheating. These things should occur:

1)Superbowl cancelled

2)Patriots banned from NFL for atleast 3 years

3)All titles won with same staff stripped for good

4)Lose of top two draft picks when re-instated

Fines dont matter as Kraft is a millionaire. Since this is there second time caught cheating, this punishment should be made. However, I am sure NFL will only slap a fine and a lose of a draft pick.

Jets have a better chance of winning the Super Bowl than any of that stuff happening.

However, I do enjoy reading a well thought out, extremely logical post from Jets fans.

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