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Deflate-Gate \ Patriots Cheating Again Thread: MERGED

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I'm with you.  Cookies keeps dissapearing in my house when Im alone and I always get blamed.  I even hide the wrappers in the neighbors trash but Mrs Crusher keeps asking, "If not you then who Fatass?

AFC Championship Ring  

I believe 11 pieces of evidence were found earlier this week. Keep on keepin' on though

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wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute


this is why someone should have prevented belicheat from doing his impromptu press conference declaring in no uncertain terms that they followed every rule to the letter 


the cover up is always worse


you can't blame the ballboy if you have said you did nothing wrong


what a maroon


sean payton was suspended for a year because "ignorance is no excuse, the HC is responsible for everything"


I think goddells last play here is to stall it until after the game and then suspend belicheat for a year, perhaps lifetime ban if they get real good dirt on him


this superbowl might have the best ratings of any SB so far with the way things are going.


the cover up is always worse

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Belichick's DeflateGate story is 'BS' says football maker
Everyone from Bill Nye the Science Guy to Saturday Night Live is weighing in on the DeflateGate scandal, and now the official manufacturer of the league's footballs -- Wilson Sporting Goods -- has joined the debate from Arizona, per a report from Boston.com.
The company claims that all of its footballs are set at the regulation air pressure when they are delivered to the NFL, and that there is little chance that a simple change in temperature could have significantly deflated the balls during the AFC Championship.
The company has a booth at this year's NFL Experience -- an interactive fanfest held in the days leading up to the Super Bowl at the Phoenix Convention Center -- where visitors can watch the creation of Wilson's league-regulated footballs from the initial bladder and lacing process, through the pressurization stage, and to the final weight check.
Wilson representative Jim Jenkins explained the process:
"[it] goes to 120 pounds for one minute, then back down to 13, and then when it comes out, see how nice everything looks? All the seams are perfect, laces are perfect. That's what that does right there and it comes out 13 pounds per square inch."
Jenkins confirmed that every single ball that leaves the factory is set at a pressure between 12.5 and 13.5 pounds per square inch, the official legal limit set by the NFL. When asked about Bill Belichick's theory that the cold temperatures and wet conditions likely contributed to the ball being underinflated in the AFC title game, Jenkins laughed and replied, "That's BS."
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Yes - so transparent.

Is it possible that someday we'll look back on the Kraft-Goodell connection as the relationship that destroyed the goose that laid the golden egg?


It definitely feels like it's going that way.  Their arrogance is ruining this game and it's getting to the point where it'll be very hard to continue watching the sport with any real sense of fairness. 

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NDT slingin straight fire

Neil deGrasse Tyson ✔ @neiltyson


For the Patriots to blame a change in temperature for 15% lower-pressures, requires balls to be inflated with 125-degree air.

2:46 PM - 26 Jan 2015








when will neil come and save us from this psedu-science ?!?!?!?

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This alibi is BS because they do this at away games also. How is the ball attendant doing this at away games at different stadiums?


There's more to it.


I don't think its that complicated.  All the conspiracy theories and mad science are red herrings.


Its simple enough for one guy to insert the pin and let the air out. 

They can do it in another room on the way to the field, or do it on the sideline with the ball tucked under an arm.

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I don't think its that complicated.  All the conspiracy theories and mad science are red herrings.


Its simple enough for one guy to insert the pin and let the air out. 

They can do it in another room on the way to the field, or do it on the sideline with the ball tucked under an arm.

The point is the ball attendant is doing this because Shady and Belicheat want it.

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So let's recap.


"We didn't do it" didn't work.


"There's nothing to see here, please let's move on" didn't work.


"It was the cold air" didn't work.


"It was the way we prep the balls combined with the cold air" didn't work.


"We didn't mean to do it and that's the last I'm going to say about it" didn't work.


So...lacking any other toddler-like excuses, it's time to find someone to take the fall...also know as (wait for it!) "the patsy".  Clearly, this will be a rogue ball-boy who did it out of love for the team and was misguided in his efforts to help them.  B&B will claim "no knowledge" of the insidious deeds.  Goodell will jump at the chance to ban the ballboy for life, slap a $25k fine on the team, dock them a 5th round pick and insist we all move past this unfortunate but ultimately mild misdeed.


The ballboy will be seen crying in his shiny new Hummer as he leaves Gilette for the last time.


For appearances sake, Goodell will grit his teeth and go an entire month before swinging by Bobby's house for another night of banging underage eastern European call girls in the cellar.


Good times.

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The evidence is there. Its circumstantial but very strong. The NFL should have suspended Belichek for the Super Bowl and then handed other punishment after the full investigation. NFL pl;ayers especially quarterbacks are laughing at the people who believe what the Pats are putting out there. 

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Think on this....


As I was shoveling snow this evening I heard a Pats fan actually get on WFAN radio and acknowledge that an employee of the Pats may have done it...




His explanation for the deflated footballs was that the Jets or an former Jets employee had done it as some type of sting operation against the Pats and Kraft designed to make them look bad with the knowing complicity of the Ravens and probably the Colts!!!


No you cant make this up!!


Again Madness....

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Bob Kraft in Phoenix: the league and media owe Belichick, Brady, and the team an apology for wrongful, hurtful accusations.


Kraft stands behind the idea that atmospheric change was responsible for the loss of air pressure in the balls. 

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I'm watching NFL Network right now... media day coverage... 


Kraft opened by chastising the media about the "leaked evidence" and not basing accusations on "data". Made mention of atmospheric reactions. Then demanded that the league and media owe his "family" (Tom and Bill) an apology when the investigation is through. It is scary to me how the NFL has allowed the Patriots to establish a bully position in this basically declaring the parameters for what constitutes guilt. Kraft was very deliberate in saying that if the league didn't have definitive proof that it wasn't atmospheric, then they had nothing and owed the Patriots that apology. Astounding really, and totally the result of the NFL purposefully dragging their feet.


As we've heard, when the NFL wants to clamp down on something they can do it in an hour. Where it concerns this, the delay is 100% tactical on their part, but not in a way that benefits the truth or the integrity of the game.


Bill repeating that he's said all he has to say about the deflated balls. Insisting that he's 100% focused on Seahawks, while punctuating it with tell-tale facial expressions that signal that he's not being truthful and he's angry. 

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