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Mac and Todd on WFAN (MERGED)


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Today with Francesa

Mac 1:30

Todd 1:55

This is from a tweet from producer, Brian Monzo.


Hopefully Francesa doesn't put either one on hold during their interview like the dope Carton did today while interviewing Mccagnan to cut to Belichick's press conference 


just utter embarrassment and unprofessional

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current roster ?


good foundation, some areas of need, needs more time to evaluate based on coaches vision, but they want competition at every position


QB ?  watched a lot of film on geno, he has skills, but needs more time to evaluate intangibles

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mike :regrets on clowney ?


macc:no. I can't talk about another player.  


mike :go ahead anyway, you're not coveting


macc: the evaluation was good, he got hurt



some weird interruption some guys asking if they can drop the call, LOL

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bowles on next.  fat boy will try to trap him into saying the hiring process was different than macc said, and who has final say

Francesa actually is a big fan of Bowles, and was pounding the table for him, prior to the Jets hiring him. It's only natural now though he will despise him. :P

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