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NFL investigators have visited Browns over in-game texting

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The investigation involving the Patriots and deflated footballs isn’t the only game-integrity probe currently happening in the NFL. The league also is exploring whether texts were received or sent by members of the Browns’ coaching staff during games.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, coach Mike Pettine has acknowledged that the league paid the Browns a visit.

“The investigators came in here, I spoke with them,” Pettine said. “When that’s resolved, I’ll be in a better situation to speak on it.”

Earlier this month, the Plain Dealer reported that former Cleveland offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan had concerns about the fact that “a high-ranking personnel member texted from the press box to the sidelines about play calls.”  PFT flagged the issue as a potential violation of the NFL’s electronic devices rule, others began to ask the NFL about it, and an investigation was launched.

“Obviously I’m aware of it. I do know that’s an ongoing league investigation.  At this time I’d prefer not to talk about it.”

Eventually, the league will be saying something about it.  And the Browns will be saying something, too.  Presumably not by sending texts from the sideline during a game.





no wonder Shanahan left. I realize it'll be a while before we're not "The circus" anymore in the media's eyes, but that franchise is a joke. 

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