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Rakeem Cato - QB Marshall

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Is Rex in charge of drafting up there??

We will see won't we.  He says the same things he said here, he brought the same staff with him to Buff, he seems to think he has been doing everything right, he has charmed the whole city and org with his bombastic bluster.  If they do not have a strong Gm that can tell Rex to stfu, sit down and take the players we draft then I can see these type of idiotic picks being made.

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  Watched a lot of College games.  He is a good college QB but not a pro caliber QB. The QB that has a chance to be like Wilson is the T.C.U. QB who is returning next year.  

There is an interesting QB that is a real sleeper is this kid from division 2 named Chris Bonner. He was in the first college all star game this year and drove the team on his only possession for a TD.

He is 6:7 and has a really good arm. Seen some tape on him and he will be moving up. 

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