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Vince Mayle- Mid Round Target


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Vince Mayle-  WR from Washington State.  


Size:  6-3, 220


Scouting:  He's a big bodied WR, with some prior history with basketball (seems to be the rage these days) and has good hands.  He seems to high point the ball fairly well (not quite Mike Evans) and has pretty good speed.   A few of the websites that I've seen, seem to predict that he'll run somewhere between 4.4 to 4.5 at the 40.  From the videos that I've watched, he seems to run a decent route tree as well, good amounts of out routes, slants, comebacks, screens, and go routes.  He's not smooth out of the breaks though, and does seem to lack lateral agility.  However, he does make people miss once he has the ball in his hand at times, especially if he can get upto speed in the open space.   He's not that great with screens because he's not agile enough to beat initial defenders with jukes and moves, needs to gain speed to create angle advantages.  He seems to be a hands catcher, and seems to come back for the ball at times.   


System Fit:  He plays in the Air Raid system under Leach, so he's used to the spread offense that we presume Gailey is going to be running.  


Why I like him:  For one, I think WRs with size/speed can be such mismatches that I tend to want to pick a ton of them every year.  Last year Moncrief, Bryant were guys that I thought were studs, albeit I also liked Coleman a lot too.    Mayle seems to be raw in terms of his route running, but the physical tools are there for him to be a mismatch.  He also plays special teams, so even if he isn't ready to be a starter, he's someone that can help out in special teams coverage at the onset.  His stats are pretty gaudy, but he plays in a pass heavy system, so take it with a grain of salt.  






4 videos there.  The one vs Utah is played in a full out storm, so the passing game seemed off the entire game.  He came up big at the end with a huge play, but mostly a ton of throws and plays seemed off in that game.  In the other games, he seems good at creating separation, and there were more than a few plays where the defense seemed to be slanting the safety towards him, especially the Oregon game (although they interchanged the CBs that were on him, so likely figured Ekpre-Olumu could take out someone and then CB + safety could take Mayle out).  


Personal take:  I like Buchanan better than Mayle because I think he's more explosive as a player, but this is someone that can be an under-rated target.  Reminds me somewhat of Lafell from the Pats.  

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