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Antonio Cromartie on Jets return: ‘I didn‘t want to leave’


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I'd love to see him return. Even at his age, he's better than ANY of the cornerbacks we have on the roster now. I wonder if Millner is going to be one of those guys whose career never gets on track because of injuries. It's just amazing how poorly the Jets have drafted the past 5 years-with trhe exception of a couple of players.


In the 6 years that fatass was here we had 40 draft picks and the only ones who aren't horrible are Wilkerson, Bilal Powell, Jerome Kerley, Quinton Coples, Richardson, and Jace Amaro. That's like a 15% rate...absolutely atrocious what a total waste of an era. At least there were two decent (but ultimately failures) seasons.


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Cro is an upgrade over jets current situation but...

He still ain't great..far from it. He's average. We would still need lots of help if we sign him and if Cro is our BEST corner we still have problems.

We're signing 2 CB's. Cro and probably a guy like Culliver. Cro would cover the #2 WR.

If that doesn't happen that means the new GM is just as stupid as the previous

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Blitz more than Rex? Fire zones and cover-0 like Rex?? Bu...but, I thought Rex's defense was atrocious and the reason we couldn't beat anyone!?

Its all about the results. how many times did Rex's blitzes get to the QB ?? and when they didn't he had Kyle fi'n Wilson playing 15 yards off his receiver on 3rd and 8. Bowles is aggresive but in a seemingly more controlled fashion , when he blitzes he usually mans his corners up on the wideouts not drop back in zone like Rex's crew did. Was it scheme or talent - the never ending debate.

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