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*****Official Super Bowl 49 Game Thread*****


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So my concern is that Wilson plays a game like he did against green bay...he can't be a turnover machine and expect to beat new England...

I'm root for the Seahawks, of course. Bur fair to remember that the Seahawks offense did almost nothing spare a fake FG for the first 57 minutes of that game.

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Hi guys, how do you think the Patriots will cheat today?


pick plays that don't get called

gronk pushing off

revis holding

o-line holds all day

they know seattles calls from the filmed walkthrough

mysterious extra frequency

sending ballboy into seattles locker room to look at the whiteboard

soft balls

wilfat dirty play goes unflagged

brady gets a roughing call by flailing his arms and whining

targeting injured players


you know, the usual

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