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Seattle has to stop that little sh*t Edelman!


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Just like Welker was Bradys go to guy in the past, Edelman is Bradys new 3rd down conversion binkie.

It is imperative that Chancellor & Thomas teach him a lesson on those short crossing routes & every tackle has to be a hard throw him to the ground tackle.

To beat the Patriots you have to stop those cheap pick/rub 5 yard 3rd down conversion throws.

Gronk is obvious especially in the redzone Pats won't be in the redzone much if they take away Edelman.

Jets held them to 17 points with Edelman out.

Let's hope the refs aren't afraid to call penalties for holding as we all know that the Pats Oline & Browner pretty much hold on every play! Even Revis holds way more than he used to.

Go Hawks!

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Pick plays get anyone open.

Here's my qualm with the Pats & these pick plays, every team has some sort of rub plays in their repertoire but this is ALL THEY DO!


Then you see the replays on their big 3rd down conversions & you see WRs running right into defenders, guys blocking before the ball is out of Bradys hand, RBs falling to the ground everytime a LB touches them screaming for holding calls.

No team turns & pleads to the refs on EVERY SINGLE PLAY that goes incomplete.

They should be called the f*cking whiners! it's all they ever do when they don't convert a play. It's sickening.

Especially when they go 3 games without an offensive holding call! They must have the best Oline in the history of football.

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