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New England Patriots, cheaters & murderers, poster childs of NFL


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I can't even begin to describe how sickening it is to see any team win a Super Bowl that way let alone New England.  With spygate, deflategate and the aaron hernandez trial surrounding this team in recent years, it's just unthinkable that they would even make it to this point.  Honestly I hope that Darelle Revis does not come back to the Jets.  If Woody Johnson even THINKS about paying him another dime at this point I will have lost all faith him as an owner.  I don't even know how to still be a fan of the NFL after that.  



I don't feel sorry for you either Darrelle, I hope you end up sharing a cell with Aaron Hernandez one day.... same goes for Belicheat and Tom crybaby





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I will say that NON - PI call...


when the guy literally threw out his hand and tripped the guy was not called it certainly pops into your mind that this thing was fixed.


Yeah, when Collinsworth, who couldn't have spent more time during the game professing his love for Brady and the Pats, though it was interference, then I think it's pretty safe to say that it was interference.

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