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Mariota signature performance


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Sorry, but I simply don't agree at all with what you're saying...


The point I was making about Marriotta was - you do your research, meet this kid and if you think there's a CHANCE he can be the next Aaron Rodgers (or anything close) you absolutely HAVE to take him.  You're never going to know how a QB is going to pan out but you HAVE to take that chance if there's a shot he can be the franchise for the next 15 years.  If you don't find a QB you're out of a job in 3-5 years anyway because you're not going to win.  Finding a franchise QB does take some luck and to say otherwise is simply wrong.  Even look at your point about Seattle - they loved Russell Wilson so much that they waited until the 3rd round to draft him? They got lucky...They hit on a 3rd round QB - good for them.


I think you're minimizing the importance of the QB position.  it's almost impossible to win without one and even if you find a way to win one year (and it's a huge long shot)  The teams success will not have longevity.   I want a team that can compete year in and year out.  You take a QB and if he busts you take another one - you keep taking QB's until you find one.    Year in and year out the teams with the best QB are the ones that win - it's always the same teams at the top...


I don't like it this way but Goodell and the owners made it this way - it's a passing league and the QB is the single most important position in all of sports and there's not even a close second. 

Check out this vid from Todd McShay. He's bringing up valid points. Granted, he has us taking Mariota at #6 but his points are the very things that I feel makes him a reach at #6 and concerns me.



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