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Coach Mike Pettine is expected to "immerse" himself in the Browns offense in 2015.


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Per rotoworld:

"Coach Mike Pettine is expected to "immerse" himself in the Browns offense in 2015.

As a first-time coach with a defensive background, Pettine let then-OC Kyle Shanahan run the show on offense. Rightfully so. Shanahan is one of the brighter offensive minds in the game, but he's now gone after begging for his release. It also didn't help that GM Ray Farmer, owner Jimmy Haslam, and other front-office types tried calling the plays from their suite. John DeFilippo is the new OC, and it's his first time as an NFL play caller. Expect Pettine to feature a run-heavy, power offense. It could benefit second-year RB Isaiah Crowell."

What could possibly go wrong?


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Ok... Yea that will work out just great.  :sign0103-1:


Maybe Pettine and the GM will get together and figure out which plays to run so that they further undermine the new OC DeFilippo! 


Think of it, the OC they had in Shanahan,  who knew what he was doing, begged to get out of his contract because the GM and Owner were trying to call plays like the Browns football team was a dam Madden game. 


And somehow Pettine who knows really nothing about developing an offensive game plan or its execution is now going to make it better?


The only alternative I can see is that Pettine is attempting to protect his new OC from the obvious insane interference of ownership and upper management.

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