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Gholston Trying To Make A Comeback


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 He might be fine. but if you get a scope on Sunday, there might be long term consequences to playing on it the next Saturday and every saturday after that for another 6 weeks.


He's a tough dude and all but the idea that he's such a sure thing that he has to go top 10 is not how the draft works.


It's guys like gholston who go high, for better or worse. The guys who make you go whoa getting off the bus.


 Those are the rules of the draft it's about upside not sure-thing-ness. It isn't always Gholston either sometimes it's Odell Beckham Jr. Will Brandon Scherff win the underwear Olympics the answer is probably no. 



still defending that gholston pick huh? lol, you're like the guy on death row walking to the chair still swearing he didn't kill anyone.

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