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3 cone, jumps and the short shuttle are the most predictive of success to me. Your never running 40 straight yards, and you can always get into a weight room.  RUN from a guy that looks good in shorts

Lower your voice Ron.

I don't think so. Been evaluating for a long time. I may be wrong some of the times but not many. Anyone that knows me, that I am pretty good doing this.  Do I think Cooper is a bad player? No I don't think that but I have a few receivers in my process better than him. Like I said in skill wise it is Beckham, Strong, Parker, and Smith are ahead of Cooper. I also like Lockett ahead of Cooper for what he could do in every aspect of the offense. Cooper and White have jumped over Hardy with their 40s and height. Hardy does have great hands but now we have to throw another receiver in the mix with Conley since he was a big prospect with Georgia at the beginning of the season. By the way no it all how many college game have you watched ad followed this year?        

I watch plenty of college football , keep on typing

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Bottom Line

He's not just a product of West Virginia's system -- he's talented. White competes hard for the ball and has the leaping, hands and high-pointing ability to be a factor down the field despite his lack of top-end speed. His improvement from 2013 to 2014 is a great sign, but his 40 time could define his draft stock.

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Winston is having a great day throwing.  Mariotta looks good also.  Mariotta's drop is definitely quicker,  Worried that he has not called a play since High School.   Winston looks more comfortable dropping back.   


White's 4.35 may have just put him in front of Cooper, but Cooper is the better route runner right now from what I am seeing. 


There will be a great player there at 6,  unlike the Vernon Gholston year.  The Jets will find a good player this year.

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Coop beat him in simulcast, so I am not sure which time is right


Coop is also 1 yr younger than white

I got in later so I didnt see the runs live, had to go to NFL.com to see it. They have Cooper at 4.42. Im surprised with Devin Smith's run of a 4.42. I thought he'd be in the 4.3's for sure. There's always pro day. 


Back to White though, I watched his run a few times, he has nice stride. I can see why people talk about him getting separation. 

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@McShay13: We're getting spoiled with NFL ready WRs the last two years. 12 taken in first two rounds last year. Could be another 10 this year.


The WR and RB talent in this draft is solid. Use FA to rebuild the defense where it's weak.


I'd love it if we went Cooper in 1st and RB in the 2nd or 3rd.

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