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Competition Committee Considering Rule Changes


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Some of the changes we’re considering:

  • Modifying what is reviewable under instant replay
  • Exploring processes and procedures of how a medical timeout would work
  • Discussing banning the chop block
  • Ensuring that the review process covers what was called on the field and does not create new fouls
  • Refining the definition of a hit on a defenseless player
  • Adding an eighth official
  • Making the extra point more challenging
  • Using tablets on the sideline and for video replay and moving closer to our “sideline of the future” by adopting new technology
  • Continuing to enhance our concussion protocol
  • Increasing our standards for equipment that may make our game safer
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I hate the competition committee, especially wind bad Fisher, who as a group are completely willing to make game altering changes to the game according to their own agenda, but completely ignores public opinion and common sense in changing some of the crap they have implemented when it is clearly not working.

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The bottom line is the helmet and the speed of the game. The main concussion effects are not from the direct blow to the skull but rather the secondary movement of the brain tissue from the forces of the direct blow. Acceleration/deceleration injury. If the NFL truly wanted to decrease serious injuries they need to pare down the equipment incl the helmet. Players would self adjust to protect themselves and avoid using their heads as a weapon. The severity and longterm effects of concussions in rugby are far less than football. But then you have to ask yourself would it be the same game?

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