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2014 First Round Pick


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I've never seen a player whiff so badly before.... totally reminds me that we should've taken Haha Clinton-Dix instead of Calvin Pryor.  This is a routine tackle for safeties in the NFL.



Just imagine how much better off we'd be if took Alshon Jeffrey instead of Stephen Hill and Clinton-Dix instead of Pryor... or if we actually took somebody decent with the Kyle Wilson pick in 2010. 

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it is pretty sad. you look at how many times our team whiffed on first round pick and it makes you sick.

2009 first round -

Mark Sanchez

2010 first round -

Kyle Wilson

2012 first round -

Quinton Coples (still is impressive)

2013 first round -

Dee Milliner

2014 first round -

Calvin Pryor(could be saved)

... None of these names have made the impact first round picks should of. And in fact beside Mo Wilk and Sheldon the last regime whiffed every first round pick!!

everyone talks about "ohh! give me White!"

"Ohh! Give me cooper!", "I want Mariota"

Just give me a player that impacts our team like a first round should and I think i'm content.

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