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No one can say the new regime is acting like the Idzik Jets any more huh?  Marshall, Carpeneter, Skrine and Revis all in before the first day of FA ended.


Add to that Harris and Powell resigned. Not a bad week.

I'd say this is the best week in Jets FA history! Hall of Fame CB, a #2 CB on the rise, a starting Guard and a Stud #1 WR...The Jets filled nearly all their needs.

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Really enjoying reading the Pats forum...


So I guess the plan for free Agency was to lose your two starting CBs, the best DT the team has ever had, and let a great 3rd down back get away too!
But don't worry, the Pats are paying McCourty more than the Jets are paying Revis, and signed a 3rd string WR.


Tom Brady must be spitting fire, and asking, "what in sam hill is going on, here?????"


well this sucks and all of a sudden our defense is mediocre again. Well now what? I guess we see how it plays out and what our team looks like entering camp. Revis is now the enemy so he can go suck a @#$%

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