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Post Revis, an update on 2015 cap space?

nj meadowlands

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Veteran QB = FA (mid-range contract, probably $4-5m/year)

RB = draft

OLB / LB = draft

Safety = FA (mid-range contract, probably $2-4m/year)

DL depth = FA and draft (small contracts here, $1-2m / year range)


That's kind of how I look at it. We'll see how it plays out, but I think the front office has done nothing but make us better today for the next 3 years or so, without setting us up for cap hell. 

I agree with this.  Looking at what we might do:


1.  Veteran qb:  I think it will be Ryan Fitzpatrick but I'd be happy if it was Matt Moore too.  Something about Moore interests me.


2.  RB draft:  I agree with that.  If Gurley or Gordon fall into the 2nd I can see that.  If not definitely in the 3rd.


3.  OLB will probably be the 6th pick.  We'll have a number of guys to choose from depending how the draft goes.


4.  Safety I agree 2-4 million but with us talking to Cromartie that could change.


5.  DL help I agree.  A million or two to veterans at some point.


Wish another qb who could make a difference available.  I feel we are a solid 8 win team now with Fitzpatrick or Moore.  If we had a real qb who knows where we'd go.  I have a feeling we'll look much like the Cardinals did last year when Drew Stanton was the qb.  A very good team with a qb who keeps us in games.  Be nice if we can shake a better veteran qb loose for the right price.

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Based on Jason's calculations we have almost 29 million left in cap space:


That's ******* amazing. For anyone worrying about the contracts of Wilk and Rich, I wouldn't. We're going to give Wilk an extension soon and Richardson's contract is something we worry about in 2 years.

By then, we'll have Brick and Mangold taking pay cuts or restructuring. Harris will be on his last deal. I wouldn't be worried. We're not going to let Richardson go anywhere.

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