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2015 Jets=2014 Cardinals

Dennis Byrd 90

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The Jets this year are going to be a mirro image of what the Cardinals were last year.


1.  We have no qb and when Palmer and Stanton went down they had no qb.  Even with Fitzpatrick or Moore or whoever else we have it'll be pretty bad.


2. RB and oline will be similar.


3.  WR they had Floyd and Fitzgerald and we have Decker and Marshall.


4.  Our defenses are similar as well.  Their secondary had Peterson we have Revis etc.


I think the Jets will get to 8 wins.  Maybe we can push it to 10 if we luck out and maybe a playoff spot but like the Cardinals until we have a qb we will be one and done.  Fun to watch and exciting but still no Super Bowl until we get the qb.  Hopefully one day we will.

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