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What would be "appropriate NY Jets colors"

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The original colors were Kelly Green & White.

Then we threw in some black accenting & outline in the 90s to be hip with the times.

Then they became Hunter Green & White, ditched the black.

All these radical ideas to alter the uniforms had me thinking that as long as the colors stayed the same, the uniform can only be so creative. The real outrage would be changing the most iconic characteristic of a team once it's established : their colors.

Would you as a fan be upset or outrages if the Jets completely went in a new direction with team colors and designs - total reboot like the TB Bucs in 1997?

What would you take as acceptable colors?

Battleship Grey, metal chrome (sadly think of AFL Team Kiss), black?

Just curious on people's take if the Jets were, to say, change their colors to Black, Grey, and Red would this appall people?

The NHL's Jets did a similar revamp

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I think if the Jets changed their colors away from the color green, it would subconsciously allow our minds to cut ties with our Jets fan-hood....you know, for all of us who have been "bleedin green" for so long......and who knows, many of us may now consider the Packers or even the Eagles for our new team to support due to this abrupt color change of the NYJ uniforms....we may be looking for a new green uniform to support. 


With that said, i welcome a new color change.

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Gotta stay green and white. I did like the black trim in the early-mid 90s though and wouldn't mind wearing those as throwbacks (if they can still wear throwbacks with the helmet rules).

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I want a return to kelly green but I'd be open to a whole new look as long as it looked okay.  The Broncos changed their look entirely.  So did Atlanta.  The Pats kind of did too actually.  So it's not unprecedented.  Then again, it would be weird to have our Dolphins rivalry without our green against their teal.

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