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JN Mafia Game Thread: The Outsiders


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It's Tulsa, Oklahoma,  the year is 1965.  The city is split by railroad tracks.  On one side, live the Socials.  A group of pretentious, cashmere sweater wearing, silver spoon fed, fancy car driving, rich kids who have everything they'll ever need in life.  On the other, live the Greasers.  A group of low income, greased haired, jean jacket wearing, potty mouthed kids who have nothing but each other to live for.  These 2 groups of teenagers, do not get along.  They go to different schools and live on the opposite end of the tracks, but the town is so small, they often cross each other paths.


One night at the drive thru, Pony Boy Curtis and his Greaser buddies, Johnny Cage and Two-bit Matthews are sitting next to a couple of Social girls in the public seating area.  They start to flirt a little bit, laugh and joking when a couple of the Socials walk by and are not happy with what they see.  There is a confrontation. Greasers vs. Socials.  And this isnt going to end peacefully.  This harmless interaction will change the course of these teenagers lives forever.











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Line up:

1. Verb - killed N2 Two-bit Matthews - Town Watcher

2. JF80

3. Crusher 

4. Pac - lynched D4, Dallas Winter - Town Tracker + 1 x Vig

5. Leelou - lynched D3, Cherry Valance - Mafia God Father

6. JC - killed N3 - Darrell Curtis - Town Doc

7. Nolder - lynched D2, Randy Thompson - Mafia RoleBlocker

8. Lily

9. Lizzie - lynched D1, Bob Sheldon - Mafia Goon

10. CTM

11. Arsis - killed N1, Steve Randle - Vanilla Town

12. Nyn

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Nyn or 80 doublevoter.


If Nyn, ok.


If 80, I'm ****ed.




Actually, I might be ****ed anyway.







That's what she said.


It's nice that nowadays you just complete the skit by talking to yourself. Saves time.

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Pac is confusing the 2 women.  Easy thing to do.  Both are very huggable.


I'm not confusing anything...  there were a couple posts that were discussing the apparent silent vote on Verb and Leelou chimed in with "Hi Verbal".  While odds are this was just incidental timing and she was simply sending greetings I wanted to suggest she was implying that she was in fact the one secret voting Verb..  It's a baseless accusation and 99% chance it's not what happened...  that doesn't mean I didn't want to see how she answered me.


thanks for ruining it with your "help".

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