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Odell Beckham Jr. Vs. Amari Cooper


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Geno cannot compare to Eli therefore he would throw the ball the same way. The offenses are not compatible either as the Giants want to throw and we want to run. Eli is a confident QB...too confident, and knows how to read a defense way better. Eli throws balls without regard to a turnover. He assumes his WR will catch it even if it's a bad throw and Beckham can go and get those. Geno panics in the pocket and looks off WR's very quickly. If Beckham played with us last year and missed the first few games he would probably get 59 catches with us.

This is a true statement. What was this thread about again?
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Cooper is a better prospect and it's not even close. Beckham didn't have the production. Having worked out in hindsight isn't the same as being a sure thing going in.

FWIW, the ESPN Insider pre-draft grade for Cooper is a 93.


The ESPN Insider pre-draft grade for Beckham last year ... was a 93.


Just one site out of many, and player evaluation is obviously extraordinarily subjective.  But at least one non-hindsight analysis suggests that it absolutely is "close" between the two.

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