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Pre Draft Roster - an overview just to see it

David Harris

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Marshall     Kerley     Brick     Carpenter    Mangold    Colon     Giacomini    Amaro       Decker

 Owusu       Hakim     Ijalana    Winters       Freeman    Aboushi                     Cumby      S. Evans                                                                                       Dozier                        Sudfeld     Enunwa              







                                           Ivory                                      Bohannon









                                                 Wilkerson                     Snacks                      Richardson

Cromartie            Skrine            Vickerson                     Douzable                   Bowen/Barnes      Revis

 Milliner                Mcdougle                                                                                                           Williams



                         Pace                Harris                               D. Davis                   Coples

                          Enkempali        Henderson                       Lattimore                 Babin                            





                                                         Jarrett                                      Gilchrist









Lots of new faces.  It's not everyone, just the most likely contributors...

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-TE There is no true starter in this group.  Kellen Davis is the blocking tight end.  I don't like Jeff Cumberland, just way too inconsistent.  Maybe we can draft someone to challenge him.  Amaro can't play in line but lets see how much he's improved.

-WR could use a burner in that group, not to mention kick returner.  Philip Dorsett maybe?

-FB it'll be interesting if they make a decision to carry one in this offense.

-Guard is a deep position group.  The competition there should be very interesting.  Aboushi looked promising last year.  Colon is the veteran leader but has his issues on the field that we all know about.  Who knows what we have in Dozier with a season under his belt?  Carpenter played on a conference champion last year, but seems to have lateral movement issues.  Winters I never have liked as a pass blocker.  Maybe someone will separate from this pack.


The whole defense looks incredibly talented and deep.  They really have no excuses.  Maybe they draft an edge rusher in round 1 because who knows how much longer Pace and Coples will be here, but even if they don't I think Todd Bowles will find a way to put put pressure on the QB with this group.

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